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Questions & Answers

1. How do I go about making funeral arrangements?

Call Charis Funeral Directors, all arrangements will be done on your behalf.

2. How will Charis Funeral Directors help me?

We will collect the deceased and the funeral will be arranged in the usual manner.

3. Can you find a minister for me?

Yes, we can provide a minister.

4. Who is responsible to provide a Death Certificate?

We assist with all the legal documentation as required by law to make the necessary funeral arrangements such as the death certificate etc.

5. What clothing should be given to the undertakers?

Formal clothing is acceptable to bury men and women in, the family can bring clothing they feel comfortable with for burying their loved one in.

6. What documentation do I need when there is a death?

The legal identity document of the deceased and the legal document of the informant.

7. What do I do when someone dies of Natural Causes at home or in a retirement home?

First you will need to call the Paramedics who will declare the individual dead by issuing a declaration of death document, only when this document is issued on site, our staff will be allowed to remove the body from the scene.

8. What happens when someone dies in a motor car accident or by suicide or murder?

Call the Paramedics and the police. If the death is deemed to be an Unnatural Death. A suicide or accident, for example, the body will be sent for a compulsory post-mortem. The mortuary will issue a death notice after the autopsy has been performed.

9. Who do I contact in the event of a death of a loved one?

Depending if the death is a Natural or Unnatural death, please refer to question 7 and 8.

10. Where do the undertakers take the body?

To the mortuary with the consent of the family.

11. Can you help with Floral Arrangements?

Yes, we do.

12. What if our loved one is already taken to another funeral parlor and we want Charis to do the funeral service for us?

Contact Charis Funerals and arrangements will be made to have the body collected from the other undertaker.

13. Do we as the family need to make any arrangements with regards to the funeral service?

Yes, you should make your own memorial service arrangements.

14. Who pays for the grave?

The family pays for the grave, this cost is separate from the funeral cost.

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