The Billings Family

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The Billings Family

The Billings family would like to thank you for the way you gave ou Daddy (Micheal Arthur Billings) a Kings bereal. From the first day he passed away on

From 11/7/2015 until 18/07/2015 you stood by us getting the body from the hospital, and for the arrangements getting the death certificate even with the services supplying

some refreshments. Not to mention at the gravesite. We cannot express ourselves enough, we will definitely recommend you to the rest of our family and the community.


Again thank you very much.


The Billings Family just wants to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

As for me Ruth Malony Singh(Daughter) who had to do everything, if you were not there I would have been lost, losing the great man that I was so close to with your help,

I could say goodbye with great dignity.

God Bless


Mrs.R Singh


On Behalf of the Billings Family

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